The Upstairs House – Julia Fine

How do you get rid of a ghost? The same way you get rid of anything else that haunts you: run away from it, run far away.

The Upstairs House is a captivating and intriguing book about postpartum depression. It is very visceral and unsettling and taking up inspiration in gothic stories it uses a lot of metaphors (or maybe not) to address specific subjects. And yes it features a ghost.

This book begins right when the main character is giving birth to her baby, and from then on e have her perspective about not feeling connected to the child, and having difficulties to adjust to life with a newborn. Stories like this one have been really intriguing to me recently and this one delivered it all.

The protagonist is also doing a master’s degree and is writing a thesis about a children’s book author named Margaret Wise Brown, and its precisely that person who appears as a ghost to her.

This book made kept me intrigued and interested and I found it to be satisfactory and well written. The ending was a bit rushed and that’s why I’m giving it a 4,5 rating.

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