Small Favors – Erin A. Craig

“The smoke smelled of burning pine needles, dark and sweet.”

This was my first contact with the author, and I can safely say I have become a fan.

‘Small Favors’ is a very atmospheric book. The writing pulled me in instantly and I felt completely absorbed by this story, even to the point of reading at night way past my bedtime and going to sleep late. To me, this book was a pleasure to read. There was a certain vibe to this book, kind of horror-ish and creepy. I could picture it become an incredibly beautiful movie. The small-town vibe, the rules that must be followed by all members of the community, the strange happenings that begin to occur, the distrust people begin to feel with one another.

In the town of Amity Falls, the people live isolated from the rest of the world, and this isolation, hopelessness, and sometimes the dependency on certain things that they can’t grow or produce themselves were very palpable. To me, the horror was built in transposing the exact feelings that the protagonist was feeling, “what am I going to do now?”.

I loved the main character, Ellerie (what a peculiar name by the way!). She is very strong and I enjoyed reading her stream of consciousness. Her relationship with her family is greatly constructive, from the dependency and admiration she has for her parents, to her being a support for her sisters, and the conflicts she has with her twin brother. Ellerie reads like a very three-dimensional and fleshed-out character. Something I particularly loved was the presence and the metaphors relating to the bees in this novel, I found it to be very beautiful, and I loved the importance there is to these tiny creatures, as well as the food they produce.

The separation of the book into seasons was a great touch to the narrative. And the approaching of the winter months coinciding with more dark things happening in town was really good. All of the elements, the strange man arriving in town, weird mutated creatures, crops growing rapidly and then decaying, created an atmosphere that felt incredibly alluring and unputdownable.

I adored the ending and the resolutions to everything, this book has a certain touch of ‘Wilder Girls’ by Rory Power and I appreciated that a lot. Also, I have to mention that this cover is absolutely gorgeous and I am obsessed with it.

I recommend this book for people who want a delicious writing, an intriguing book, and a story well told. ‘Small Favors’ has become a new favorite to me.

Thank you to Penguin Random House for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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