Crave – Tracy Wolff

“Long enough for me to see the silver flecks in the midnight of his eyes—distant stars shining through the darkness he makes no attempt to hide.”

I just lost a chunk of this review and not I don’t even remember what was written but well. I didn’t go into this book with to much expectations, and I was prepared to deal with the cliches and the cringy I knew I would find in this book. After losing her parents in a car accident the main character Grace moves to Alaska to study in a boarding school what her uncle is the Headmaster. Encounters her cousin Macy rekindling their old friendship as Grace navigate the altitude sickness and the strange inhabitants of the castle she now lives on.

This looks pretty much like your average YA book/movie. Grace is the new girl, she is different from everyone and she immediately catches the eye of the bad boy with a troubled past, and so forth. These stereotypes don’t bother me at all but if you don’t like this type of narrative I warn you that Crave will not be the type of book you’ll like. Mixed in with all that there is a touch of paranormal and here it is, Crave.

I’ll admit that one of the most underwhelming aspects of this book was the writing, it is simplistic, firsr person point of view and filled to the core with slangs like “AF” or “FML” and that was just awful. The only positive side of the writing is that it flows real quick so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a 600 page long book, and this devourable quality really helped with the overall enjoyement in my reading experience.

For me Grace and Jaxon’s romance is a bit instalove. I do ship them, but it felt like it lacked something. Some more build up, something more to make me believe in them. They do have amazing scenes and conversations but it still feels like not enough when you reach the ending ans they’re saying ‘I love you’ to each other. I really want to see how they will develop in the second book.

One thing that is frustrating is that for us the readers it’s clear that this is a book about vampires, but in the book it takes up to 50% for Grace to actually discover that and boy this was way too long.

Also I felt like the worldbuilding lacks a lot. Both in terms of the paranormal aspect, there were too few explanations for the way vampires work in this universe that could really have helped shape up the world. And as in the actual world, there are barely any descriptions of the surroundings just the intense cold and snow. Even the castle is not enough constructed for me to be able to picture it clearly in my head.

There are a couple of points that are just plain trash about this book. But I won’t discuss them here because they’re plain spoilers so maybe on the review of the next book who knows.

I do want to give a shot at the second book and see what the author comes up with. Like I said this wasn’t a book I went to expecting a lot, and that was crucial for me to have a different view of the book, looking at the good aspects instead on shitting on it for being cringe. I knew it was gonna be and I was ready to deal with that.

Still, I do feel like this book is a bit overhyped. It’s not the greatest thing ever as it is also not the worst thing. It sits right there in the middle.

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