Honey Girl – Morgan Rogers

We are all lonely creatures in our own way.

I came across this book because I was searching february releases, and it had this GORGEOUS cover. I read only the bold paragraph of the synopsys here on goodreads and said yeah sounds nice (I’m trying this thing were I don’t read synopsys anymore, I want to be surprised). But even so, the synopsys would never encompass the true power this book holds. I started reading this thinking it was going to be a cute sapphic romance (and yay for that) but I quickly realized this book is actually a masterpiece, that is both amazing and painfull to read, and that discusses some super deep topics.

In this book we follow the journey of Grace Porter, a twenty-eight year old who just got her PhD in astronomy and although she is not the type to do that, went to Vegas and got drunk married to a girl. In the narrative the layers of the protagonist start to unpeel, and you begin to see her in a different light. As these layers go off we discover many of the insecurities and fears that Grace has, and this book does a wonderful job of portraying and developing those issues, her fear of failure, the fear she has of not being enough, of having to work twice as hard because she is black, of feeling like the big-life-plan she had is no longer compatible with what she wants. I can barely begin to talk about how much her issues and fears touched me, they ripped my chest open exposing some ugly hurts, and I felt known. I did not expect that this was going to be that type of book and yet I’m so glad it is. The journey of reading this book was completely satisfactory and amazing.

Lonely creatures, what makes us so different from the stories we tell in the dark?

Grace has an amazing set of friends, each of them unique and incredible. I felt so much love for them and I loved all their dynamics with each other, even at the times of setting boundaries and taking time off. They all have such healthy relationships with each other and they support one another all the way. It was so warm and cozy to read about these characters being friends together, and a set of applause to Morgan Rogers for creating such vivid and real characters that breath outside of these pages, this is no easy feat, and she did it with more than one character (and her protagonist of course). And that goes to say including the number of pages this book has, it is only 350ish pages and it is so well developed and constructed, bigger books have acomplished less that this book has in less than 400 pages and wow I am so awed by this.

Morgan’s writing is also superb. It is at the same incredibly poetic but it doesn’t loose it’s touch with reality. Her metaphors and beautiful prose break you at the same time they heal. I will read anything this woman writes. And also whoa I highlighted so much stuff, this book really spoke to me. It truly touched my heart.

Why do you never think you deserve anything good without having to kill yourself for it?

This book is truly special and I feel really happy to have discovered it at this moment. It’s a book about coming of age, about realising that sometimes you need to stop and take care of yourself instead of pushing yourself until you break, it’s about that tells you it’s okay to be lost and not sure of what happens next, it’s a book that talls about how much we demand from ourself, about feeling the suffocant need for perfection when perfetion doesn’t even exist, it’s a book that discusses with great care and delicacy about mental health and shows you that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s a book that has marked me forever.

I loved every single thing about this story. And I love the way it ended as well, because it doesn’t “solve” all the problems and gives a wrapped-in-a-bow type of ending, but rather shows vulnerabily and strenght in telling us that everything is a process, especially healing. And I completely adored it.

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