Rule of Wolves – Leigh Bardugo

Love was the destroyer. It made mourners, widows, left misery in its wake. Grief and love were one and the same. Grief was the shadow love left when it was gone.

This is it. I finished. I cannot believe I read a book of six hundred pages in a little over twenty-four hours (c’mon I can say it was in a day). This was one of the most insane and most amazing reading experiences of my life, thanks to Leigh Bardugo destroying every inch of me and to my lovely parabatai who is on this journey with me. We did it love, we did it.

I don’t know how to convey my thoughts into words because I literally finished this book minutes ago, but I need to pour it all out now and even if there’s more to be added later so be it. This book is perfection, is completely and utterly amazing, and I loved every single moment of it. I did expect it to go different? Yes, I did. But I am not disappointed at all.

Leigh’s writing is astounding, it’s so complex and well developed, each character has their voice so unique, and Zoya is the strongest of them all. She is the best. My favorite for life. I felt so much for her, I felt her pain, I felt her joy, and I wept and laughed with her.

This book is huge, and not just in the obvious size way, but in the way that SO MUCH HAPPENS. I am thinking back now about all that I’ve read and oh my god there is so much things!!! What a journey, what a time to be alive and love books.

I have waited for what feels like AGES to Leigh Bardugo deliver a good war, and good battle scenes, and whoa I was blessed. This book gave me all I wanted.

But maybe that was the trick of it: to survive to dare to stay alive, to forge your own hope when all hope had run out. For the survivors then, Zoya whispered to herself, And for the lost.

This book was filled with pain, but the good kind, the transformative, powerful and life changing kind. There was so much that I didn’t expect and it left me speechless, feeling like my heart was pulled out of my chest. Leigh Bardugo kept playing and playing with my feelings and I didn’t know what to expect once I turned the page.

I wasn’t ready for it to end. I am not ready for the Grishaverse to end, and I don’t think I’ll ever be. But Leigh’s work on this book was sublime. It was superb. It was not only a great sequel, making this the most solid duology I have read in life, a perfect equilibrium, but also it is a great book to close up many characters lives, to close a cycle. It was beautiful, heartfelt, emotional, pure bliss, magnificent. I will never forget this book. I finished with tears in my eyes, and a full heart. What. A. Book.

Saints were meant to live forever.

5 comentários sobre “Rule of Wolves – Leigh Bardugo

  1. Gorgeous review!! I love the way you phrased everything about the world, and whilst I totally agree that rule of wolves would have been a worthy ending to the grisha verse, I’m so glad it isn’t. That last line!! I think there was a few too many POV (why so many mayu in a book that isn’t even about her??) but I was living for all the cameos. Here’s my review :)

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