Eight Perfect Murders – Peter Swanson

Wow what a pleasant surprise! This book was a homage to mystery and crime novels and it was a delight to read. At the same time the author honours so much of the characteristisc present on those genres it also sorts of disses (?) them as well haha, I really found this very compelling.

In just under three hundred pages (I consider this to be a very short book) the author with a swift and enthralling writing guides us into the life of Malcolm Kershaw a bookseller owner of the Old Devils bookshop, a place dedicated to mystery and crime novels. The whole ambicence was really good, not just the “bookish” setting but also the winter and chilly weather made made me find the bookstore even more compelling. The main protagonists voice brought me so much curiosity and as the reader uncovers the layers of the novel we are surprised as the story progresses. I would describe the surprise element in these as sort of “awes” because of the reaction they produced in me.

Beware that this book spoils eight books (the eight perfect murders) which are, The A.B.C. Murders, Strangers on a Train, The Red House Mystery, Malice Aforethought, Double Indemnity, The Drowner, The Secret History and Deathtrap, I myself was able to put this down in time when I first tried to read it becase I still hadn’t read The Secret History at the time and didn’t want to be spoiled. It was also the first book I picked up to read right after finishing The Secret History lol. The wait was worht it!

Also I didn’t guess anything from the book so it was great to read and be “whatttt” when the revelations started to show up. And by the way what is this ending!!! I need someone to talk about this ASAP!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good mystery or a crime novel, this is certainly a full plate.

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