Home Body – Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur’s third book is astounding.

Looking back on my reviews of her past books I thuoght that my favorite was her first, but it turns out it was dethroned by her latest release (the second book being the one I like the least).

This collection of poetry touched me deeply and there is something raw and profound in the way Rupi portrays emotions. Rupi Kaur is the biggest and most important voice in contemporary poetry in vogue now. Her poetry is filled with layers of meaning and of pain, grief, struggle and rebirth. She brings the themes of feminism, immigration and displacement in her poetry and articulates them so well you are left with unease and unrest in your core.

My favorite sections were “mind” and “awake” and I feel that with this collection Rupi has evolved so much, no only in her craft but also as a women, and this is transparent through her writing. This book marks a new era in her career and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

My favorite poem:

i paid in blood to be here. i paid with a childhood littered with bigger monsters than you. i’ve been beaten into a silence more times than i’ve been embraced on this earth. you haven’t seen what i’ve seen. my rock bottom went so deep i’m pretty sure it was hell. i spent a decade climbing out of it. my hands blistered. my feet swelled. my mind said i can’t take it anymore. i told my mind you better get yourself together. we came here for joy. and we are going to feel all of it. i’ve been hunted. killed. and walked back to earth. i snapped the neck off every beast that thought it could. and you want to take my seat. the one i built with the story of my life. honey. you won’t fit. i juggle clowns like you. i pick my teeth with fools like you for fun. i have played and slept and danced with bigger devils.

You can purchase this book via my affiliate link and I’ll receive a small comission, click here for the english edition. And here for the portuguese edition.

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