Dearly: New Poems – Margaret Atwood

I have read fiction by Margaret Atwood. I have read short stories by Margaret Atwood. And now I have read poetry by Margaret Atwood.

This collection was very touching, in a painfull kind of way. Her poetry is very solid in my opinion, it made me think and then reread and then think again. I liked the themes this collection of poems discusses about, even if some of them are kind of dark and sad.

I don’t know exactly when each poem was written but still they have a very different feel from what I think when I think about poetry (especially contemporary) and that is something!

I also liked the poems that are divided in types of numbered “sections”that tell a story through small poems.

My favorite poems were:
Princess Clothing
Coda: Song
The Dear Ones
The Aliens Arrive
At the Translation Conference
Short Takes on Wolves
Table Settings
Mr. Lionheart
Invisible Man

You can purchase this book via my affiliate link and I’ll receive a small comission, click here for the english edition.

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