The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories – Marina Keegan

We’re so young. We’re so young. We’re twenty-two years old. We have so much time.

I have had this book in my TBR for years now, since 2014 if I’m not wrong. Recently it was the #1 on my to read list. I don’t even remember why I wanted to read this book, but over the years it existed there on my list constantly whispering to me, pulling me in like a tide, until I finally read it.

Marina Keegan was one hell of a writer. She was seriously so good her writing is enthralling and you just wanna keep reading, no matter what you’re reading about. Her book features both short stories and some non fictional essays and it was a delight to read. And despite her sad tragic death, which actually resonates with you as you read certain of her stories that mentions death or future life plans and you realize she didn’t have that, the stories have strenght on their on. Even though this is a posthumous published work it has a strenght and a voice of it’s own. I am so glad that these stories had a chance to see the light of day.

Her opening piece which gives title to this book is an emotional one. Not only anyone who ever went to university and felt like a part of something during those years will find and echo of that story within themselves, but also those who are human and feel lonely will also be touched by it. It is certainly one of the best things I’ve ever read and you can read it for free here.

I think over the course of time I will come back to this book and it’s words because they were simply beautiful and enjoyable to read.

You can purchase this book via my affiliate link and I’ll receive a small comission, click here for the english edition.

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