Somewhere Only We Know – Maurene Goo

I liked this book but there was some stuff I didn’t like as well.

The book flew by, I read it in 24 hours so there was a quality of intrigue for me, but at the same time the writing was very simple. A lot of people comented that they thought of The Sun Is Also a Star when they read this because both books are set in just one day and involve romance etc. I for one LOVED TSIAS while Somewhere Only We Know was a cute and fun read but there where points where it lacked.

Not only on the writing, but the characters were very simple as well. I felt like the author tried to give them layers and depht but It didn’t achieve that fully. They both behave very strictly inside a mold.

The insta-love felt too rushed and not really THAT believable for me.

I did like the portray of asian-american people and how they feel “out” when living in asia and etc. And the portray of k-pop idols was also very satisfactory. It showed the dark side of the industry and it was written and thought carefully in doing so. I also REALLY enjoyed the way the author portrayed how someone can loose their passion for something they once did and how they can rediscover it by renovating oneself. That was one of the best things about the novel.

The athmosphere was also REALLY great. It was so good and believable it made me want to go to Hong Kong right now and stuff my face with food. Also how one person can eat THAT much food in one day is beyond me.

Also to finish up the portray of anxiety in this book was very well done as well. As a person who suffers from anxiety I felt the descriptions of what the character was going to felt relatable to me.
Overall I had a good time reading this book and would recomend it to people who are into kpop, asian representation, amazing descriptions of a city and would just warn about some of the lacking bits of the book.

You can purchase this book via my affiliate link and I’ll receive a small comission, here for the english edition and here for the portuguese edition.

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