Darkdawn – Jay Kristoff

It’s been months since I finished this and I can barely collect my thoughts.

Never in all my years of reading (which are plenty) and in all the books I’ve read I have experienced this with a finale of a series. Darkdawn had me flabbergasted. It had me utterly and completely reactionless. I read 26% of the book in five months because I was simply too scared to read it and to know the ending (and yes this book came out on my birthday so we been here a while baby) and then last friday on the 14th of february I FLIPPED and decided it was time to finish it, that was it. On the course of 24h hours I read the remaining 74% of the book and MAN WHAT A RIDE. I cried so many times during this reading and wow I did not expect that, I did not expect so many tears in such different occasions.

Like I said, can barely convey my thoughts.

The thing is, I liked it but I didn’t. How is that possible I am not quite sure. I mean endings are something complicated, it is never easy when things end and never easy when you have to say goodbye to things you love. The Nevernight Chronicles have three very distinct books in it, both plot wise, pace wise and the general FEEL of the books when you read them. Darkdawn has essentially divided the readers of this series, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many five stars and one stars ratings for an ending, people PASSIONATELY hated it or loved it. And I kind of understand both sides? I know I know… Weird.

About a little past the half of the novel I knew this wasn’t gonna be a five star for me, much less a favorite. And I tried making my peace with it. Along the story there were things that made me speechless and others that I was like… what? I used my CAWPILE to try to put some sense in my thoughts and I ended up with a four star rating aka 8.43. I don’t know if this feels accurate, as you can tell by this messy review my thoughts about Darkdawn are not yet fully processed and I don’t know if they ever will.

I feel hurt when I think about this ending. I feel confused. I feel like I got something I expected, but then it was NOT what I expected. I feel a bit lied to. I feel weird.

I didn’t HATE it, but I didn’t LOVE it, so when this happens it usually is confusing for me, because I tend to have very strong opinions and feelings about the books I read. When the reading falls into this gray area in the middle it all becomes a little more harder to untangle and discover what I truly feel about it. I still quite can’t believe that I FINISHED, I did it, it’s over! What a strange realization.

I believe that Darkdawn will give me much to think about for a long time. And maybe, years from now, I will feel like re-reading this trilogy and perhaps untangle a bit more of my feelings about it’s ending.

You can purchase this book via my affiliate link and I’ll receive a small comission, click here for the english edition and here for the portuguese edition. 

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