A Deadly Education – Naomi Novik

Well I LOVED it.

In 2020 when a lot of things, like a lot of things have been written featuring magic schools this book managed to be original and have it’s own voice in this crowded place.

A Deadly Education may start of confusing, but it’s the type of story that the more you read from it, the more you want from it and the more you understand of it. You see, not only the magical aspects of the worldbuilding but the school itself a.k.a Scholomance can be quite confusing at times. But eventually you catch on and it all makes sense (it’s funny causw everytime I would try to explain these aspects to someone who wasn’t reading it I failed miserably and yet I knew what it was I just couldn’t put it into words). Also for the school aspect you even get a coom website with beautiful illustrations and like YES this is so cool and gorgeous and even though it’s a place filled with monsters I want to study there now.

The narration is on first person point of view by a snarky ironic and amazing MC which I so happen to love. Naomi Novik managed to craft a prose that does not have the cringiness of some first person POV but instead is of a genuinely original inner monologue type. The stream of consciousness in the narrators voice is soooo smooth and delightful it makes the big chapters just shrink and leave you begging for more. Galadriel “El” is such a strong character and I loved reading about her and her development throughout the story.

On another note I have two words: Orion Lake. I mean whatttttt. Guess I found myself a new fictional boyfriend.

I cannot help but mention as well the dark academia aspect of this book. Because obviously it is one. It features an academic environment (so many descriptions of studies and El being a linguistics enthusiast had me feeling “i been knew”) and if monsters trying to eat people isn’t dark for you I don’t what is. But hell yeah for the dark academia!!

I would definitely recommend this and I can’t stress this enough this book is like nothing I’ve ever read. It is it’s own thing and very original. I am so glad this was my first contact with Naomi’s work and I can’t WAIT for lesson two! 

You can purchase this book via my affiliate link and I’ll receive a small comission, just click here.

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