Call Down The Hawk – Maggie Stiefvater

After the huge sucess of the Raven Cycle published by the author Maggie Stiefvater came the announcement that there would be a spinoff trilogy centered on the character Ronan Lynch. Call Down The Hawk is the first book in the new trilogy.

You are made of dreams and this world is not for you.

It’s no secret that the Raven Cycle is one of my favorite sagas, the characters that live outside the pages are some of the best written and developed I’ve ever read, and I’ve always been particularly fond of Ronan Lynch, so I was super hyped to know about the new trilogy being centered on him. Despite Call Down The Hawk not having any major spoilers for the Raven Cycle I sitll believe it should be read after you read the quadrilogy, because you can better understand Ronan’s development and how he grows through the novels. Also Call Down The Hawk could be a minor spoiler for someone who didn’t read any of the Raven Cycle books because it tells you right away that Ronan is a dreamer, someone who can pull things from their dreams, and you only get to know that in book two of TRC. All this major characteristic about Ronan is introduced in TRC books and he grows so much because of it during those novels until we reach the Ronan we are about to meet in Call Down The Hawk so I feel like you definitely want to experience that before diving into the new trilogy. It’s also super fun to witness the beggining of Ronan and Adam’s relationship and then see how they’re doing in the new book. When an author writes a spinoff that shows the characters I though I wouldn’t see again I always get emotional about it because I get to discover a new chapter of their lives after the previous chapter (or book series) has ended.

In Call Down The Hawk we have four narrators. Besides Ronan they are, Jordan, Hennessy, Farooq-Lane and Declan Lynch. From the new voices I particularly enjoyed the chapters narrated by Jordan, but all of the characters are multi dimensioned and have many personality layers that you get to uncover as the story moves forward. Just like other books from Stiefvater, whatever you expect the story to be, it will always surprise you. I believe this is the beauty of Maggie Stiefvater’s books, the fact that they are impossible to predict (or summarize to someone who hasn’t read anything written by her) and throughly astonishing. I’m not sure what exactly I expected to encounter in this book but I got delivered a full plate.

Something else I really love about the authors work are two things, the first is her impecable writing. The way she writes is so perfect and so captivating to me that her writing is totally goals for me as a writer myself; the second thing is I love how her stories are character-driven more than plot-driven. This does not mean that her books are plotless (there are indeed great plots in here) but being a character-driven novel gives it so many layers and weight on the characters intrapersonal developments and it’s truly fascinating for me to read it. The best way I can exemplify this is that while every other character out there might feel like a 2D figure, Maggie’s characters are perfectly sculptured 3D objects.

Reading a Stiefvater book is immersing yourself in a completely new world and being able to feel through her characters eyes, and feeling your heart overflowing with happiness as you follow along their journey.

I cannot forget to mention that Gansey & Blue make some small cameo appearences, not diretly but in cute and lovely ways that made all the difference to me. Adam is also present although not in the way I would’ve imagined. But as the first sentence in the book says “this will be a story about the Lynch brothers” and indeed it was.

The book has that first-in-a-trilogy pace so it works a lot in creating foundation for the next books to work upon and for the story to grow. Something else that captivated me was that the whole book dynamic is very different from The Raven Cycle in a way that while TRC has a lot of ride-or-die friendship focus and the whole gang thing and also being a teen and urging for things, Call Down The Hawk is much darker and dense, it shows us a new side of the world created by Stiefvater as well as a new side of the lives and inner world’s of her characters, proving that she as a writer has a bunch of hidden tricks up her sleeve when it comes to her stories.

Call Down The Hawk was one of the best books of the year, no doubt. I finished reading it feeling renewed and ready for wathever comes next in the story. And now we dream.

For the portuguese version of this review click here.

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