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Hello! Thank you for your interest in working with me. If you’d like to collaborate or have a bussiness inquire you can reach me at or filling out the form bellow. To know more about me and check my work on different platforms please take a look at my media kit and the links to my social media bellow:

  Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads

If you’re interested in sending me a book for review, please email me with the following information:

  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • Synopsis of the book
  • A link to a Goodreads profile or author website

Sending me a book does not guarantee it will be read/reviewed.

Review Policy

I accept the following formats:

  • eARCs via Edelweiss+ or Netgalley
  • ARCs or physical copies

I accept the following genres:

  • Young Adult or Adult Fantasy
  • Young Adult or Adult Science Fiction
  • Romance and Contemporary books
  • Middle Grade Fantasy
  • Young Adult or Adult Thriller/Mystery
  • Young Adult or Adult Horror
  • Literary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Select Poetry
  • Select Non-Fiction

I do not accept the following genres:

  • Religion
  • Autobiographies or Biographies
  • Self-Help

My reviews are always 100% honest and my own opinions, either being positive or negative ones.

Contact Me

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